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4x4 Spare Wheel Covers


Semi Rigid Wheel Covers with Advertising

Use your wheelcover to full effect by advertising your business on the rear of your car. The ideal way to generate extra sales and get your business seen.

Using our free design service you can work with our designers to create the perfect advert for your wheelcover. We will provide you with a visual before manufacture so you are assured of the final result.

A = Wheel cover on black background with text + simple logo in one colour
£99.70 with free delivery.

B = Wheel cover with photo or illustration (unlimited colours) + logo / drawing / photo and text
£119.70 with free delivery.

How Create Your Wheel Cover

Send your image or idea to advertising@4x4wheelcovers.com and the option selected A or B. Send us the text and style / colour / logo you want or Contact Us with the link to your website with an idea of your needs.

Manufactured in the UK

4x4 WheelCovers
          - Gloss Black
          - Colours
          - Vehicle Logos
          - With Publicity
          - With Photo
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cache roue 4x4
cache roue 4x4

cache roue 4x4

cache roue 4x4

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